A stainless Ecosystem


What makes a product sustainable? My client De Nooij Stainless saw the answer to that question in a combination of smart use of materials, use of a sustainable energy source and continuity for its staff.

The 109-year-old metal processing company, specialized in stainless steel, wanted to become less dependent on fluctuations in the production of projects and decided to tap into new markets.

It approached Rake Lijnen to design a outdoor lighting collection that works on sunlight. The starting point for the design was that the series could be produced in-house and as much as possible from residual material. In addition, the designs had to be set up in such a way that they can be made in small runs “in between” in order to ensure more production continuity.


The product range, consisting of a table lamp and several free-standing models, is made of weatherproof materials and equipped with a light module that charges itself using sunlight. Important design aspects were the intent to make the lamps attractive both in daylight and in the dark and enabling them to blend in with their outdoor habitat.


Currently, De Nooij Stainless develops an ecosystem around the lighting range where production, sales, delivery, maintenance and refurbishment come together.


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Studio images: Studio Hystrix