Purposeful rust


The Wallflower project is a collaboration between Rake Lijnen and the residents' committee of de Groene Huurder, a group of sustainable residential flats owned by Eindhoven Woonbedrijf on the edge of the Genderdal Airey district.


The residential flats date from 2015 and were built in a comfortable and sustainable way, but upon completion they did not yet have a safe and accessible storage room for the temporary storage of bicycles. The residents desired a solution that was both sustainable, aesthetically attractive and functional.


In co-creation with the residents, we came up with solutions forming a tribute to nature in transition. In the final design, this was given substance with hugely enlarged perished tree leaves made of Corten steel, a type of metal that rusts deliberately, creating a durable protective layer.


The result is a series of parking facilities that invite from a distance, amaze up close and form a suitable, museal solution for a mobility problem.


This project was supported by de Groene Huurder, Buurtcultuurfonds Woonbedrijf, CKE Eindhoven and HV Plaatwerk.


Read more about this project here: Eindhovens Dagblad, Studio040 and Indebuurt


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