Nabijheid op intuitie


Out of a need to contribute something positive to the impact of Covid 19 on our society, Rake Lijnen formed an opportunity team with Tim Dassen of Code Product Solutions and Mark Curfs of Curfs Consult, aiming to developing a tool for learning to work in a world on distance.


By combining our experience and network in digital technology, Food & Beverage and product development, we were able to develop a business model in record time around a social proximity support tool for the professional market.

We closely looked the way of working in the hospitality industry and designed a sensor that optimally matches it. By shifting the emphasis from monitoring / warning to enabling / sensing, a product was created that helps the user get used to the new six-foot society.


This form of “intuitive distancing” resonated with a wide professional audience during sales pitches: the combination of a badge with a lot of label space, multisensory feedback, highly accurate electronics within a sustainable ecosystem seamlessly matched the needs of organizations in the hospitality and catering industry and cultural sector.


By linking product development, marketing and sales as parallel processes, we managed to develop a working Minimum Viable Product, including production, marketing and sales system, within a few months.


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Thanks in advance to Combekk for lending the iconic contextual picture.


Tim Dassen, co-founder of Code PS:

“I loved the collaboration and the start-up mentality in this project.”