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Kaktus anti-dog poo kit (Anniversary Edition)


The original Kaktus anti-dog poop package from Rake Lijnen consists of a set of proven effective aids against the nuisance of dog poop on the street. The package has been developed in collaboration with dog owners and local residents and has proven its effectiveness in 10 years. Read more about the creation here: Project Kaktus


Template Doggy

From now on contribute to a cleaner sidewalk with the Kaktus template! With the help of a high-pressure cleaner and the template, you can easily remove the ingrained dirt locally from your pavement tiles, which provides a subtle but clearly legible mark. Not disturbing in the street scene, but a clear signal to dog owners: this sidewalk is for pedestrians and not for dog shit.


Template Baggy

Template "Baggy" is a subtle addition to its predecessor “Doggy”. It encourages dog owners not only to have a poop bag with them, but also to use it. This way you are ahead of unpleasant situations (“Oops... forgot to bring a bag...") and you contribute to a more enjoyable environment.


Hint tape

Neighborhood party? Volleyball match? Or just like a poo-free park? Hintlint is a very effective aid in keeping your habitat poo-free. By using it in locations where the nuisance is large (with a visible amount of dog shit), the message is extra clear: this location is not a shit place. The self-adhesive tape can be easily applied to posts, fences, outdoor toys and even trees.


How to order

The package, consisting of template "Doggy", template "Baggy", a roll of Hint ribbon and packaging costs € 29,- including 21% VAT. You order the package by sending an e-mail to info[at]rakeijnen.nl stating “Kaktus package”.