Rake Lijnen

Rake Lijnen was established by Marnix Oosterwelder. Marnix uses his creativity in a mix of self-initiated projects, commercial work and work for non-profit organizations. This variety in activities presents an inspiring cross-fertilization from which his customers also benefit.
The synergy created by the continuous switching between different perspectives keeps Marnix’ mind sharp and keeps his knowledge of industrial designing up-to-date. This, combined with Marnix’ high standard of quality Marnix often manages to exceed the clients’ expectations.

The designer

Marnix Oosterwelder (Doetinchem, 1971) had an early passion for inventing and developing new things. After completing a number of other professional trainings, he graduated cum laude from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 1997.
By working for various international design studios and companies he enriched his already broad knowledge. Oosterwelder is a driven and very interactively operating designer with a fresh view of innovation and a good sense of humour, who is always looking to connect.
This approach has proved its worth: a couple of designs Oosterwelder (co-)created were rewarded with various national and international design awards. See: Resume

Creative network

Rake Lijnen and its customers strive for quality. And because there may be a need for additional capacity or skills, Rake Lijnen is surrounded by a network of suppliers that can meet these quality standards. Under the supervision of Rake Lijnen those suppliers can contribute, if necessary. This increases the flexibility and strength of Rake Lijnen, allowing you to benefit from high quality opportunities as a customer. If desired Rake Lijnen can mediate in connecting partners in product development.
Affiliated experts: industrial design, food design, CAD engineering, product development, prototype modelling, animation, graphic design, printing, trend analysis, marketing, copywriting, and multimedia.


Rake Lijnen works for and with clients in various sectors, such as mobility, professional and consumer electronics, medical applications, high-tech industry, packaging, public sectors, semi-public sectors and non-profit organizations.
The cross-sectoral knowledge that comes out of this creates added value for all customers. With a broad knowledge of the sector, an independent view and a large network, Rake Lijnen often ends up with surprising collaborations and pioneering products.
Work is carried out from the office or on site, depending on customer requirements. The studios’ goal is to engage and sustain long-term customer relationships.

The featured logo’s represent Oosterwelder’s customer relationships from the past 20 years, including clients from previous employment.

Design awards

Oosterwelder’s design vision and his interactive method of working are highly appreciated by clients. This has often resulted in long-term collaborations and commercially successful products.
A number of designs he worked on, both as an employee and on behalf of Rake Lijnen, have been rewarded with over 20 prestigious international recognitions and professional awards, such as an IF Award, a Red Dot Award, a GIO Award and a Nappa Award.
Product innovation, distinctive design and/or an innovative user experience were important criteria in the ratings.

Offer: free kick-off session

The key to a successful project is a good connection, is Oosterwelder’s device. In order to see if the Rake Lijnen method is in line with the method of your company or organization, the designer would love to come by for an introductory meeting and a free* co-design working session. The results of the session are detailed in clear visualizations, possibly supplemented by concisely described scenarios. This is an effective way to pitch your ideas internally or to take your project to the next level.
Feeling inspired? Make an appointment now!
* Introductory meeting and further elaboration with a maximum of 4 hours in total, exclusive of travel expenses.